Rodrigo Vilches

Born in Santiago Chile

Lives & works in North Carolina USA


 I grew up in Chile and have been traveling far from home taking pictures ever since childhood. One of my father's passions was photography and this is how I started this love for beautiful images and nature's beauty. Photography is a pure expression of what is around us, the breathtaking images of God's creation in different forms and shapes. Portraits, Landscapes, and Black & White images are my favorites to do. Couple sessions and the human beauty, in general, captivated me from early on as a photographer. The chance to capture an image that speaks and communicates is my goal.

I'm currently based in the Eastern part of North Carolina, but am also available for travel assignments departing from Raleigh.


Family is the most important

Been married for over 15 years with the love of my life, and with our children Nicolas, Elena and Terra, they have made my life an absolute joy. I also have two beautiful daughters from my previous life back in Chile. Josefa and Rocio complete my life as a father of five.